Why Would You Want to Work from Home?

Why Would You Want to Work at Home - Business Man Imagining

Right now everyone who can work from home is doing so because of COVID-19.

But other than that, Why Would You Want to Work From Home?

What attracts you to that lifestyle?

What would you like to do from home to earn money?

What might the difficulties be for you?

What makes you think it would be worth it?

Lisa Bates


  1. Why wouldn’t you wanna work from home?! 😀 No stuck in traffic …no extra fuel and insurance costs, no risk of being in an accident, set your own hours, I mean I cant think of any reason why anyone wouldn’t want to work from home unless they need the socialness 🙂

    • LOL! I’m sure with you! I have a corner desk set up in my bedroom away from the dogs who like to bark and the TV my husband watches a lot and I get into my own little world. I couldn’t be happier and I don’t think I could ever go back to commuting and living on somebody else’s terms. Being my own boss is irreplaceable!

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