Finding The Best Stay at Home Career for You

What is your personality like? What do you like to do? What do you hate? These are questions that you need to ask yourself when you are setting out to change the course of your life. I recently took a personality test that is geared toward my work personality and I was really pleased with the results.

I seem to have accidentally found the exact right home career for myself. But why leave it up to chance? Wouldn’t it be better to find out right at the beginning what are the best stay at home careers for you?

The test is free and very revealing, but there is also a much more detailed analysis available that lets you click a box that highlights how you ft into 56 stay at home careers and how they match with your personality type. Wow!

I will run you through some of what I learned about myself to show you how it works. This is from the more detailed report, which is only $19.95. I really do recommend it, but there is a lot of value in the free report too.

The Personality Summary

First, they take your answers to the short online quiz and give you a summary of your personality type. Here is mine, for an example. It is surprisingly accurate:


  • work at home on a computerLisa, as an Adventurer, you have a genuine interest and insight into others and find that you are most energized during and after interacting with them.
  • Your high energy and enthusiasm is motivating and makes you a natural leader.
  • Yet, unlike many other types of personalities, your leadership style is not consumed with controlling others.
  • Likewise, you do not like being controlled.
  • You are very adept at solving problems, and you are full of innovative ideas to support your future-oriented thinking.
  • Because of your many talents, you can normally find success in anything you endeavor.
  • However, if it involves too much repetition and routine, you can easily become bored and distracted.


Boy, do they have me nailed! They pretty much described my life. I certainly am an “Adventurer.” I grew up in Hong Kong and have traveled most of my life.

Adventurous Career Style

This photo shows me relaxing on the bow of a 40-foot sailboat in the South China Sea when I was 13. That sort of thing was normal for me. I used to get very restless if I stayed in one place for too long. I do have a lot of talents and interests — in fact, it was very difficult for me to settle on what to do with my life because of that. I thrashed around for years trying to figure out what I should do.

I also have a really hard time hanging in there when things get tedious. I have had to learn to delegate those types of tasks because they are not my strength. As far as being a leader, I am the women’s group leader at my church. How is that for being spot-on in their analysis?

Even though I already knew these things, I was very pleased to have my hunches about myself validated by a scientific test. Wouldn’t that be helpful to you as you contemplate changing careers so you can work at home?

They Relate Your Personality to Specific Jobs

But that isn’t the only reason why I am recommending this quiz. On the expanded report, they relate your personality style to specific careers with income and growth potential information. What is more, they have a box you can check so that they only show 56 different types of work at home careers!

For example, they match me up with being a writer and show me the average earnings for an established writer, the amount of education required, and what the growth potential is in the field.

Get Detailed Information on the Specific Jobs

I can see that a Technical Writer makes more than a general writer, but since I know I am not suited for dealing with lots of picky little details, I know not to waste my time pursuing that type of writing career. On the other hand, an Insurance Underwriter (whatever that is) gets also gets paid more and doesn’t require a college education, but the demand for them is in decline so again, that is not the best choice for me to pursue.

Actually, I am really happy with the goal of becoming a writer. If I click on the words Writer in the chart, I get a five-page report all about being a writer, complete with a little video telling me about the profession.

This is the section that mentions writing a blog as one of the great matches for me. Now is that spooky, or what?

The report summarizes the working conditions, work schedules, job outlook, and how to become each job description. It talks about ways to get other work experience and training and the opportunity for advancement. It is a comprehensive introduction to each type of work you are interested in.

Relating It All Back to You

So now that we know that I am doing something that really suits me well, what about you? Would you like to know how your personality fits with the 56 types of stay at home careers that you can do on the internet?

It sure can’t hurt to find out.

work at home on a computerI would at least recommend doing the test and getting your “Work Personality Results” for free in order to decide whether you want to go for the full “Career Report.”

If that is something you would like to try, just click on the picture. There is no obligation to buy the full report. I just think it is helpful to know this kind of information so that we can work on our stay at home careers together.

Lisa Bates

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