3 Ways to Work Online and Earn Money


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work online and earn money. But it does involve know-how and skill. There are three basic ways to make money online. The first is to work for other people, and the other two are different ways you can work for yourself. Here is an overview of them.

Being an Online Employee

businessman-onlineThe first way to work online and earn money is to work for other people. You will need a skill that can be translated completely onto a computer, so it will require some kind of job training to prepare you. They will only hire you to work online if you can do something of value that can be completely done on the computer. Fortunately, there are many types of work available for all types of personalities, and they don’t necessarily require a four-year college degree. You can often get a certificate online to begin working on this type of career. These jobs offer the security of a regular paycheck and may include benefits like insurance and retirement plans, but the trade-off is that you give a lot of control to your employer.

Selling Your Own Product or Service

your-own-businessThe second way is to make money by providing a product or service to the public online. You are a traditional store except you work through the computer. People order your goods or services, and you ship the goods to them or provide the service to them online. You have the advantage of being your own boss, but it is a lot of work. You need to advertise your business in order to create a steady flow of new business, which takes a lot of know-how. At the same time, you must provide the product you are selling to the customer’s satisfaction. When there is any type of problem, it falls back on you to solve it and make the customer happy. You are also limited by how fast you can deliver your service or mail out your product.

One possibility of how to learn to run your own business is to obtain a degree in business or marketing from an accredited university. Another road you could take within this section is to franchise a business opportunity and take advantage of their company training. An advantage of going to a university is that, depending on your qualifications, it might be completely paid for by Federal Financial Aid, with the possibility of some extra money coming to you to help with your living expenses while you are in college. An advantage of selling through a franchise arrangement is that you would be following a business model that has already been proven to be successful.

Advertising Someone Else’s Product for Them

making-moneyThe third way to earn money online is a bit like the best of the first two options. You advertise someone else’s product and let them take care of the shipping, service delivery, and customer service. All you need to focus on is getting the word out about what they do and how valuable it is to the people you are able to reach on the internet. You send the customers to the other company with a click on a link in your advertisement. When they buy, a commission automatically comes back to you. This is called Affiliate Marketing because you are an Affiliate with the companies you are advertising, and Marketing means you are taking information about the product to people who are likely to be interested in buying it.

This might sound difficult, but excellent training is available to take all the mystery out of Affiliate Marketing. A disadvantage of this choice is that there are also many scams and worthless opportunities out there, so you need to be very careful who you go to for your training. You are basically working as an advertising agency. The big companies like Walmart and Amazon are looking for Affiliates to sell their merchandise, and many of the small ones are looking for Affiliates as well. It is a 12 Billion dollar industry worldwide! The disadvantage is that you only get paid on commission, but many sales have a monthly amount that continues to come in. This is called Residual Income and it can build up from many sources and can provide a stable income.

So How Do I Get Started?

road-aheadAll three ways involve learning a skill, either as an employee or as a business owner. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to obtain that kind of knowledge. For online careers, it is best to learn the skills online. All sorts of classes are now available over the internet. They are offered by everyone from colleges and universities down to companies and other organizations. They call this the Information Age, and there is no shortage of information out there.

I suppose technically, a person could just keep asking Google and YouTube questions until they learned any new subject. But, that would not be an efficient way to learn. It is much better to follow a path laid out by someone who has already learned the material before you. It saves time and effort. The main thing to understand is that there will be learning involved no matter what way you choose to earn money online.

Choose What Type of Opportunity You are Looking For

three-choices-to-make-moneyI will be exploring the different routes to knowledge in future posts, but for now, it is important to have an idea of what type of opportunity you are looking for. Would you rather work for someone else? Would you prefer to be your own boss and make your own path through the internet toward your fortune? Or would you prefer to connect people who need a product or service with the ones who can give it to them and collect a commission? All three have strengths and weaknesses. Look inside yourself and think about what sort of person you are and what sort of opportunity sounds right for you and then commit yourself to follow that path until you reach your goal.


Lisa Bates


  1. I have been able to supplement my income by working online and I think the aspect I am more familiar with is working by providing a skill online and one of the platforms that has been of huge benefit to me is fiverr. I don’t know too much about affiliate marketing but I do know it can be lucrative.

    Do you have any idea how long it takes before I start to see profits if I decide to go for affiliate marketing because from my research I have seen many contradicting opinions on how long it takes.

    • HI Thanks for responding. From what I have seen, if a person follows the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, it is not uncommon for the first income to start coming in after a few months. But of course it is irregular at first. But if you continue to build and promote your website as you are being taught, I have seen people able to depend on their income within a year. As I say in my article, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But if your ambition is to own your own business and to work online, it is a real way to build a solid business over time without investing a bunch of money, After your website catches on with the public (as you are taught to make happen) the sky is the limit on how high your income can go! It is a real opportunity. 

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