Online Medical Billing Classes-Why Not?

Medical Billing Online Classes

Why would you take Online Medical Billing Classes? Well, medical billing and coding jobs are expected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to grow at a rate of 11% from 2018-2028.  Since the COVID-19 lockdown, medical services are one of the few industries that are considered “essential” and medical billing must go on.

The Difference Between Medical Billing and Medical Coding

The field of medical billing and coding is highly technical because of the codes that the person must be able to work with. They are special numbers and letters which represent the exact services that were rendered in by the doctor, clinic, or hospital. The codes are used to communicate with the insurance companies exactly what services need to be paid for. Medical coders earn an average of $25-$30 per hour because of their specialized knowledge of these technical codes.

Medical Billing Classes Online - Billing Process

But there is a related job which may or may not be done by the same person. It is medical billing. Medical billers are responsible for preparing the bill and following through on it until the doctor gets paid. They only need to know the basics of coding so that they can make sure the codes are being used correctly. For example, if an insurance company refuses to pay for one code, what other codes can legitimately be used instead when the bill is sent back to the company? Online medical billing classes teach all these sorts of things without taking the student through all of the codes that a coder needs to know. Medical billing specialists earn an average of $17-$20 per hour and they can continue their education to learn medical coding while they are working. So, online medical billing classes can be a springboard to a wonderful career.

Can Medical Billing Be Done At Home Online?

The answer to this is a resounding “Yes!” According to ZipRecruiter, there are currently over 250 jobs advertising for a remote (at home) medical billing specialist even at the peak of the COVID-19 shutdown. Medical billing can be done at home for a medical office, clinic, or hospital. It can also be done as a consulting business for several clients.

Medical Billing Classes Online - Consultant Salary

Learning Medical Billing Online Is a Way to Jumpstart Your Career

One way that a person might get into this line of work is to take a medical billing course or series of courses online. They are relatively inexpensive and take less than a year to complete at your own speed. Such classes also give you an opportunity to investigate whether you would enjoy this type of work without committing to a degree leading to certification in medical coding. A certification and a college degree can come later after you are already making money doing medical billing. The ideal course teaches how to set up and market a home medical billing course as well as how to do the medical billing itself.

“A Step Above” Medical Billing Course

This medical billing course fits the need I am describing exactly. It not only teaches medical billing skills in eight separate modules that you complete online at your own speed, but it also has another module on operating a medical billing business and then one on marketing it to medical professionals. There is no point in learning the skills unless you can find doctors and clinics who will pay you to use them. Solutions Medical Billing Inc., the company that manages the course, has had a BBB file open since 2011 with zero complaints so they have an A+ BBB rating.

Each of the ten modules covers 15 to 30 or costs $129, but they have generous package deals that can save you hundreds if you sign up for more than one module at the same time. They also encourage you to use PayPal credit which offers no payments and no interest if the balance is paid within 6 months. In my experience, PayPal credit is not particularly difficult to get.

Here are the topics covered by the ten modules:

    • Introduction to Health Insurance and the Medical Billing Process
    • Understanding Coding And Modifiers
    • Life Cycle Of A Claim
    • Billing Medicare, TRICARE And Medicaid
    • Billing Blue Cross, Commercial, Workers’ Comp And More
    • HIPAA, HITECH and Regulatory Issues
    • Reading EOB’s, Handling Denials And Filing Appeals
    • Working With A Practice Management System
    • Operating A Medical Billing Business
    • Marketing A Medical Billing Business

Another reason why I am mentioning these particular classes At “A Step Above Medical Billing” is that every student gets individualized support through email, web forum & by phone, with continuous availability during weekdays, evenings, & weekends! They really want you to succeed.

But Going Back to School Can Be Scary!

I talk about this in another article. How long has it been since you were in school? Are you the same person you were when you developed negative feelings about school? Were those negative feelings mostly associated with the school social scene back then? That will not be a factor this time.

Since you can pay for each module separately, take the classes at your own pace, and have support seven days a week, the Step Above Medical Billing Course is an excellent way to get your feet wet and see if this is what you want to do.



Lisa Bates


  1. You are right, going back to school can be pretty scary, but what better time than now while you are in lockdown with lots of time on your hands.

    Could the course be done in less than a year if you had more time to devote to it or is it a set time frame? This would be very useful to have if there is a demand for it online as there seems to be, and provided you enjoy this type of work, it could be a new opportunity or even a career change for you.

    • Yes, this course usually takes around 10 months to complete. I rather imagine it could be done more quickly while on lockdown since you do it at your own pace and everybody is sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

      I agree that it is not the type of work for everyone, but it can be a secure future for those who do like this type of work. That is why I recommend taking the career personality test at


      to learn what type of work really does fit your personality before embarking on a home-based career. The nice thing about this test is that the premium version has the ability to filter your recommended jobs based on your personality according to which of those jobs can be done at home. 

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