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Okay, so the whole COVID-19 thing has everybody spooked right now and needing to work at home if it’s humanly possible, and nobody knows how long that will last. But if you only work at home because you’re forced to do it, you lose the joy from the big decision to be more in charge of your own life. There are actually a lot of reasons to choose a home career.

So, in case you are wondering about this different lifestyle, here are my reasons to work at home. I suspect that you might share several of them with me and want to go through the home career gateway yourself.

Better Balance Between Home and Work

The first reason why I work at home is that it has done wonderful things for my balance between home and work.

Nowadays, if you look at help-wanted ads (and I have done so in great detail), the corporations with the biggest resources compete against each other to show they offer the best balance. It is a major benefit. They are trying to counterfeit what I already enjoy because I choose to work at home.

work life balance scaleWhile there are some home jobs where you have to be on duty at specific hours, there are many others (including when you are your own boss like me) where you can run and pick up the kids or make a trip to the bank during business hours and everything works out fine. I let the voicemail pick up my calls and then I answer them as soon as I’m back on duty. No-one cares in the least!

More Control Over My Own Life

This takes the previous point to the next level. For example, I like to keep really strange hours. I often get tired during the day and need to take a quick nap, probably because a lot of my best work is done around 2 am. But since I am my own boss it makes absolutely no difference at all. I really enjoy the ability to live this way. I am actually typing this in the wee hours of the morning. Does that affect anything? NO. I love it!

I can also change course any time I want. I am my own boss and if I decide to work on one business instead of another on a particular day, nobody can tell me differently. I can be creative and decide my own priorities. I plan out each day with nobody looking over my shoulder.

Enjoying More Responsibility

Of course, all of that doesn’t work unless I maintain a high level of responsibility. I have to make sure all the flexibility doesn’t lead to disaster. It is the same when you work for somebody else over the internet. They are trusting you to be productive away from the office environment so you have to maintain a higher level of responsibility. Yes, you can be flexible, but you can’t just goof off.

Internet careers tend to focus on the product of what you are trying to accomplish. You get to pretty much go about creating that product how you want, but nobody else is accountable for whether you produce it. Even when you work in a team through teleconferencing or another method, you are even more responsible for holding up your end because nobody can see how you are coming along and they are counting on you to produce.

I’m Able to Make More Money

With responsibility comes value and worth. Whether you are working for yourself making commissions on sales or earning a high salary for the valuable things that you do, the worth of your work is higher when you show more responsibility.

That is because the “responsibility” level has value in addition to the usual value of whatever you produce. That product has a higher value when you are responsible enough to produce it on your own.

Think for a minute if you are going to hire someone to do something for you. Say, clean your oven. Wouldn’t you want to pay them less if you have to stand over them and watch them do it to make sure it is done right? Doesn’t that take away from the value of the service they perform? Wouldn’t you be happier if you could go do something else for a while and come home to a sparkling oven? Which person would you want to pay less? Which person would you want to pay more? It works the same for everything else.

Whether you work for someone else, as an independent consultant, or as a business owner, you are in a position to command more money in your pocket when you perform with greater responsibility. That’s how it works.

Increased Sense of Self-Worth

So there you are with a higher level of control, responsibility, and value. What follows from that is a greater sense of self-worth.

I have never been happier than I have been since I started working for myself. Of course, striking out on my own requires a lot of know-how, just like any home career. I admit that I have tried it before and thrashed around badly.

But now I have learned how to do what I do at the Wealthy Affiliate website, which is why I provide a link to it on every page in case you are interested. I believe in it so I want to pay it forward. I have gained an amazing amount of know-how from the instruction and support they offer there, and I am a new member.

Whatever You Do, Do it Well

Home careers can be very forgiving. You can get away with a lot that you can’t do in a regular office environment. But you must do your job well. There is nobody else to blame.

I am creating this website for people who want to figure out which home career is right for them, and then make the necessary changes in their lives to make it happen.

It is the gateway to your new career.

I really recommend the FREE work personality profile to see what type of career best suits you. If you want to get a more detailed report that is up to you but the free one is a wonderful start.

This is the rest of your life we’re talking about. Do you want to be a cog in some office machine or do you want to do what it takes to make the change to a home career?

Lisa Bates

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