How Do You Define Success In Life?

How Do You Define Success In Life - Rocket Ship

What types of things make you feel successful?

Which ones are more than the others?


Is it physical security? Do you like to have nice, comfortable things?

Is it harmony with yourself and the people around you?

Is it an active social life and a large group of friends who appreciate you?

Is it stimulating adventure and interesting things to do?

Is it spiritual love, joy, and peace than influence all of the other areas of your life>


What else can you think of? This discussion is here for YOU to share YOUR thoughts.


Lisa Bates


  1. Success from me with a masculine essence probably means freedom.  I say that just because I’m reading a book right now that very much breaks down masculine and feminine, but both men and women have both and one can choose to be more than one or the other, for myself I happen to be more masculine and a man, this leads me to desire freedom as well as a fear of pushing that freedom to its ultimate conclusion which is freedom of self.  So hey, not perfect yet.  

    Financial security the first step towards this freedom I pursue and as I attain that I can see my priorities changing

    • You have an interesting perspective on success, John. I am kind of a girlie-girl so I can’t necessarily relate to being masculine very well. But I agree about the freedom part. Working online is one way that I maintain freedom in my life. I’m not getting any younger, and if I want to take a nap in the middle of the day and then work into the wee hours of the morning, I simply do. There’s nobody I need to ask since I am my own boss. I realize that isn’t for everyone but it works well for me.

  2. Success is a moving target, and not a fixed place or a set of things to achieve. I routinely set personal and professional goals, and take great joy in finding ways to meet those goals. However, when those items are completed, it’s time to push myself to new heights, and set some new goals. 

    Success is all about a continuous cycle of growth and adaptation.

    • Ooooh! I like how you look at success Aly! “A continuous cycle of growth and adaptation.” That could be the topic of an entire discussion all its own.

  3. Hi Lisa, this is a very important topic for discussion ‘ how to define success in life’. Everyone desire to succeed in life but that success means different thing to different people. For me, success in life is when I meet my goal in different aspect of life. My goal in relationship is to be happy and make others happy. Success in Finance for me is when I am financially free, this is why I am in WA, so that i will have money and time freedom. Success for me in health is being in sound health and mind. Thanks for this topic. Cheers.

    • HI Joseph, thanks for your answer to the discussion questions. I have an extra question for you: based on your answers about the different definitions of success, can you envision a life where they all (or most of them) align so that success in one is also success in another?

  4. Thanks for sharing such a concise article . So many people define success from different perspective, to some when they are financially sufficient without meeting their target thinks they are successful, why to another being financially sufficient without meeting set target may not believe to be successful, coz set target was not met.it is pertinent to note that success is meant only for does that are determine and are ready to face all odds. 


    • I agree with you that success doesn’t mean much unless we are determined and ready to face all odds. I think sometimes success comes too easily for some people and they don’t appreciate it. The important thing is to know what your “target” is and use that to measure your success.

  5. Oh the subject that people will ponder a lot in life. Many people don’t explore it enough for what it means for themselves and look to others to define it for them. What is success in life? No one can answer this question for you except YOU. Obviously everyone is different so naturally everyone has different goals. Success to me, is achieving a goal that you worked directly toward. Small or big, success can be measured in many different ways. 

    Thanks for your post!

    • I know what you mean about everybody having a different definition. I remember sitting around in the 1970s being all mellow and asking people how they defined the meaning of life. I got a different answer for every person. I think I’ve always been interested in these sorts of meta-questions about life. Thanks for your comment.

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