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It’s really important to me that nobody gets left out in the cold when it comes to opening the Home Career Gateway and beginning an online career. That’s why I am making a point of letting you know about an accredited online high school for adults.

It is called James Madison High School and it offers all sorts of educational features designed to help adults who are finishing their education and opening the door to a better career. That is really nice is that the school is completely online so it is a true beginning to your online career. You can get used to working and interacting professionally online while you are still in high school.

A Diploma is More Valuable Than a GED

If you don’t have your diploma and you’re working on your GED, then more power to you! I don’t mean in any way to take away from what you are doing. But research shows that an actual high school diploma gets more results in the work world.

  • People with a high school diploma average about $1,600 more a month than similar people with GEDs.
  • Statistically, only 5% of GED students go on to earn a bachelor’s degree, while 33% of people with high school diplomas continue in school and earn a bachelor’s degree.

So, if you are in the process of deciding which way to go, and you want to get your life online as soon as possible, I recommend finding out about James Madison High School.

Online Flexibility for Adult Students

  • You can study online anytime
  • They have state certified teachers and dedicated academic advisors
  • Transfer credits are accepted
  • Affordable tuition is as low as $1 down and $49 a month
  • Single courses and credit recovery available ff that is all you need
  • They offer classes on different career pathways.

This flexibility can be a blessing and a curse. You are your own boss, and you need to organize yourself and keep your own schedule. But that is how life is with an online career as well. Going to High School online is better training for an online career than just the Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. It helps you develop the necessary skills to work online.

Another High School Option

Graduation Starts her CareerEven though James Madison High School is affordable, it is not free. It also requires the use of a computer or a computer at the library on a regular basis. It may not be right for everyone. So I also want to highlight a second option. There is a national database of FREE local high school programs. You put in your zip code and it tells you of the programs near you, no matter where you are in the United States.

I tried this service, and it gave an address which I know is out-of-date. I know that one of the organizations they listed has recently moved their office a few blocks across town. But, the organization exists, and the phone number is valid, so I think this is a valuable resource even though a few of the listings may need to be tracked down. Just click on the picture and you’ll go there.

Just Don’t Let Anything Stop You!

Lao Tzu, the great Chinese philosopher, once said,

“The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with one step.”

The meaning of this is simple. The longest journey will never happen unless you take the first step. And here you are. You will hopefully still be around in a couple of months or years. But if you start that journey now, then you could have arrived in a completely different situation.

  • You could have a high school diploma to put on your resume
  • You could be using the skills you learned in school to make yourself valuable to employers
  • You could have the necessary skills to start your home career online.

Would you rather be in that situation, or still in the situation where you are right now?

Then start the journey with a single step and click on James Madison High School or one of the advertisements for the free local high school directory.


Graduation Begins His CareerI’m really hoping this information is helpful. I have friends who need to get their high school degrees. There is absolutely nothing in it for me to provide these high school links, except the knowledge that I was able to help. So, if either of these options interests you then please let me know what you think. There are many other options out there to finish high school, but these seemed to me to be the best choices because James Madison High School is completely online and very affordable, and the other directory tells you about local options that are not online. Please leave a comment if you have a thought about this.

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